Dragon Rising, Chinese Ultra Modern.

TAG are pleased to announce the re-release of the Dragon Rising, Peoples Liberation Army range of Chinese Ultra-Modern miniatures.

Previously, only available very briefly in the late 2000s, these 28mm models, represent a squad of Chinese, in current Peoples Liberation Army kit, and are re-released in the following three packs;

Infantry packs, like these, retail at £7.20

As a note, these minis sculpted by Ebob, are definitely, somewhat slighter than our current range of Ultra Modern 28mm models.

I’ve include a size picture here, for comparison.

In addition, this item of Chinese Weapons & Equipment, is added to our current range.

Weapons packs retail at £4.50

And finally, there are a couple of extras to add to Freebie Miniatures List

  • CPL-a Chinese PLA sniper.
  • CPL-b Chinese PLA trooper with Type-88 MG, firing prone.

Freebies come with every six packs, but for the next month, we’ll make that double Freebies on all UM minis, so one extra mini for every three packs purchased.

As always put your Freebie requests, in the “Order Notes” box at the Checkout.

All these, white metal models, are available for purchase though our Online Cart, today.


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