Ultra Modern

This is where it all started for TAG, a range conceived in a changing world, made to represent its own time frame, the early 2000s, and then expanded to cover four continents at war over 40 years.

The range sub-divides in to six parts;


US Rangers, DELTA, and Marines, as well as a singe pack of Agents and Operatives, were the starting point for the TAG Ultra Modern range.

They represent the US forces in the late 20th, and early 21st Centuries, for actions such as Somalia, the 90s Gulf War, and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Afghans & Iraqis

Sculpted by Seth Nash.

Middle eastern soldiers made as opponents for our Western forces. Both have regular and irregular elements to help represent the confusing mixture of resistance to Western intervention.

These include the Iraqi’s elite Republican Guards, and the fearsome Taliban.

Sculpted by Seth Nash, with an addition by Sue Wells


Designed to represent all British infantry forces after the introduction of the SA80 in 1985.

We have a good variety of British types, including basic Infantry, Fusiliers, Paras, Royal Marines, Black Watch and 12 packs of SAS, Britain’s elite fighting force.

Sculpted by Richard Ansell, with an addition by  Sue Wells.

African Irregulars

Initially designed as opponents for of US Rangers, allowing gamers to recreate the running street battles of the Somali capital in the early 90s.

The range was soon expanded to cover rebel Warlords, Wild Gees Militias and ill-armed irregulars, enough to represent a real continent at war in the 70s, 80′ and 90s, or the forces of your imagi-Nations.

Sculpted by Seth Nash (Somalis), Will Hannah (Warlords),  and Richard Ansell (Wild Geese and Militia).


Sculpted to represent Russian forces, and satellite her satellite States, since the fall of Communism, when we started we envisaged having to make Chechen rebels for these minis to fight against, but it has since become evident that Russian can field two sides, in most of her conflicts in the last 20 years.

We have Regulars, and MVD.

Sculpted by Richard Ansell, with additions by Mark Evans.

Western Civilian and Corporate

SWATs, Terrorists and Criminal Gangs, all the horrors of the Ultra Modern world, here in one range, whether your opponents are the Corporate forces, protecting big-business interests, fanatical Jihadist dying for a cause, or armed street gangs with nothing to lose, this is the range…

This range as had recent additions of Politicians, Diplomats and rioters

Sculpted by Richard Ansell, and Mark Evans.