Knowledge Base and FAQs

Answers to some common questions…

We are an Internet based, 28mm sized, white-metal, historical wargames, miniature manufacturer & mail-order specialist retailer.

Well, in general they are 28mm ‘sized’. 28mm is not a true representation of ‘scale’ some proportions are tweaked to give representations that are pleasing on the eye, not necessarily to ‘scale’, but the closest scale we give as compatible with TAG minis 1/56th.

TAG miniatures are made from a white-metal alloy that contains Lead, which may be harmful if ingested.

Please take care to ensure that white-metal does not get into your mouth, avoid eating, drinking and smoking whist handling unpainted miniatures, and always wash your hands after.

For more information on working with white metal, this document is very informative, Lead & You, its primarily aimed at British Industry, but does contain all the relevant health information.

All packs are given the weapons and equipment, parts and shields, necessary to make up the total number of models listed as the pack content on the cart, normally four for infantry packs or 3 for mounted packs.

The exception to this is than we do not provide pikes, half-pike or standard poles, these would be ugly and impractical in white metal, and we recommend steel wire for these.

The Fantasy miniatures, which all are shown with slotted base tabs, do NOT come with plastic bases. (due to supply issues)

We do have a metal lozenge shape alternative for sale.

All the others have integral metal bases.


Some Products listed in our Shop such as Starter Armies and Unit Builders, have a choice of items shown like this;

  • 2 x REN0128/REN129/REN0130/REN131.

What happens generally with these products is that we pick them from our stock here as to complete the Order as quickly as possible.

We try not to give ugly multiple of packs if we can, we know you’d like a good mixture of the models available.

But… if you would like to pick your specific packs, from the ones listed on the Product page, then we can do that.

Normally we ask Customers to fill their requirements into the Order Note box at the Checkout of the Cart, but if you have already placed your Order, don’t worry, we can to do it manually though email. (

Picking packs in this way can slow down your Order, but if you are willing to wait a little longer, you WILL get the minis that meet your specific requirements.

Errr… no…

We have plenty of Customers willing to pay the prices shown, and we already feel we offer great value for money, so we try never to discount our prices.

The only way to get money off is to subscribe to Membership+, which gives a one off 10% Discount Coupon, and offers free postage on all orders.

Once you have Ordered your Order on your Account Page will be marked as one of these three Status types

*Processing, we have received the Order, and are working on it.

*On Hold, we have received the Order, but are waiting for a Cheque payment,

*Completed, meaning that your Order has been fulfilled, and has been dispatched.

At busy times or if your choice of minis is out of stock, we are required to cast items to order. This can delay the shipping of an order.

If your order is over a couple of weeks old, or you feel there may be an issue with shipment or delivery, please Contact us on this link.

Please direct all Kickstarter related questions to us on Kickstarter, it makes it much easier to track and trace your Pledge, Rewards and Shipment, if you Message us on the main Kickstarter Site here.

In general we are not interested in Traders, we give poor discount for bulk sales, we charge you the shipping cost, take the cash up front and take an age to deliver.

But if this still doesn’t put you off, please contact us and we’ll answer you as swiftly as possible.

Check out our Events page for details.

Yup, sure do…

It’s here, give us a Like.

Replacing the old Freebie miniatures.

Loyalty points, based on purchases, and other activity, reviews/pictures to the Gallery, around the site.

Full details here, TAG – Reward Points.

Quite frankly we aren’t paying it, we aren’t big enough to have to add the charge, so we don’t, all the price you pay comes directly to us.



Err since the UK@s glorious exit from the European Union, more destinations are now paying Import duties. This varies from destination to destination, but expect a £15 charge and upto 20% in fees.