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Registration and Basic Membership

To get the most out of the new TAG website, you needed to Register and then Sign in. Registered Members get privileges such as Comments on Products and Articles, a Profile page with picture up-loads, wish lists, Product Guarantee and much more… So please register and contribute to TAG live.

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Basic Members may opt to pay for Membership+.

Membership+ brings increased privileges around the site, larger image uploads etc. as well as TAG’s Bespoke service and FREE shipping on all orders. Membership+ cost £15 a year.

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Associate Members

Anyone with a related, compatible or complimentary wargames service or product can request Associate Membership.

Associate Members will be allowed space on our Blog page to post News items, or sales notices, to promote their goods or services.

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Contributing Members

On our old online Forum, we were very fortunate to attract a good many high quality contributors, who posted interesting information on flags, orders of battle, new research etc. I will be trawling the old Forum to bring some of this information to our new website the near future, but if you have this kind of information and would like to be able to publish it through the TAG site, you are very welcome to ask to become a Contributing member.

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Well that’s it. Please get involved. TAG is nothing without your support.