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Mail Order, Crisis 2018 and New Release Round Up

Mail Order, Crisis 2018 and New Release Round Up. This is the TAG Blog round-up for the middle of October, we probably go back to this fortnightly Updates format, until Next Spring. We find that Customers like these regular Updates, […]

Pre-Order; Sea Beggars and Dutch Militia.

Dutch, Sea Beggars and Militia. Added for PRE-ORDER today, are the first of our long planned, long awaited Long War range of 28mm white metal miniatures. The Range which is planned to be in the region of 50 packs of […]

Crisis 2018, Collection Discount Code

Crisis 2018, Collection Discount Code With Crisis 2018, Europe’s Premier Wargames Event, less than a month away, today we’ve added the Collection Discount Coupon to the Cart. This allows those who would like to place Orders for collection, to do […]

Gearing Up for the Winter Season

Gearing Up for the Winter Season The nights are getting longer and the temperatures are on there way down, so traditionally, the end of September marks the start of the Winter hobby Season. As many of us Northern European types, […]

What we did, whilst you were on Holiday,

What we did, whilst you were on Holiday*. August is traditionally a very quiet time in the Wargames Hobby. Most Groups take a break, lots of people go away for a few weeks on holiday. Sometimes the weather is good, […]

Dragon Rising, Chinese Ultra Modern.

TAG are pleased to announce the re-release of the Dragon Rising, Peoples Liberation Army range of Chinese Ultra-Modern miniatures. Previously, only available very briefly in the late 2000s, these 28mm models, represent a squad of Chinese, in current Peoples Liberation […]

Late June Mail Order Update, and Bovington reminder

Late June Mail Order Update Greeting Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the regular MO update, this time for late June 2018. As we stand we’ve are running roughly a week behind, on most Orders. About five, of our twenty-odd, ‘Processing’ […]

Bovington Discount Coupon!

Discount Coupon TAG will be at the Battlegroup South Event at Bovington Tank Museum on the 14th and 15th of July. As always, to encourage you the TAG Customer to attend this Event we offer a WHOPPING 20% discount to […]

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