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Wargames Illustrated Adverts

Print Adverts Over the last six months or so, TAG have been running a series of Adverts in Wargames Illustrated. Hopefully they’ve attracted your attention. We’ve made an effort to paint and show new minis where possible. Maybe we’ve spiked […]

Pikemen Rampant

A mash-up of Ospreys Wargames’, Lions Rampant & Pikeman’s Lament for 16th Century Gamers Osprey Wargame’s simplistic ‘Outpost Wargames’ system, are a popular, and playable starting point for many wargamers dabbling in new periods. The small number of minis needed, […]

Mail Order Update 16th November 2018

Mail Order Update Welcome to Mid-November’ semi-regular MO Update. Small, and intermediate, Orders taking about 3 – 5 days to dispatch.  Some larger Orders have been taking about 10 days to deal with. We have less than a dozen Orders […]

Dutch Militia & Sea Beggars Released.

Following on from this weekends Crisis Event in Antwerp, TAG are delighted to announce the full release of our new Dutch miniatures for the Long War of Liberation. Dutch Released at Crisis 2018 I’d like to say that the reception […]

Crisis Collection Discount, and other stuff…

Hey TAG Fans, Mail Order Update (27/10/18) Everything seems groovy in the TAG Mail Order department. Orders are being dispatched on a next day basis for most small Orders. Even lager ones are taking less that five working days to […]

Sea Beggars & Dutch Militia, on the Workbench

As promised, here are the pictures of TAG’s forthcoming Sea Beggar and Dutch Militia Release. Sea Beggars Sea Beggar, is a derogatory term, used by the Spanish, for their ‘Dutch’ opponent in the early stages of the Long War. By […]

Mail Order, Crisis 2018 and New Release Round Up

Mail Order, Crisis 2018 and New Release Round Up. This is the TAG Blog round-up for the middle of October, we probably go back to this fortnightly Updates format, until Next Spring. We find that Customers like these regular Updates, […]

Pre-Order; Sea Beggars and Dutch Militia.

Dutch, Sea Beggars and Militia. Added for PRE-ORDER today, are the first of our long planned, long awaited Long War range of 28mm white metal miniatures. The Range which is planned to be in the region of 50 packs of […]

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