Summer Update, Mail Order, plus new Modern and Fantasy miniatures.

Greeting TAG Fans…

Mail Order Update, for late July 2018.

As we stand, today (31st July), we have under 20 Orders in ‘Process’.

Most of these have come into through the Cart in the last five days, although there are a couple which have been longer than this, currently Orders are being dispatched with-in 5 days, on average.

This is remarkably quick for us.

As always, contact, for quires, mistakes or changes, is best done through this Contact link.

New Chinese Modern minis.

This month TAG have acquired 3 packs of 25mm Chinese Peoples Liberation Army models, about a dozen mins.

Previously sold under the ‘Dragon Rising’ banner, these minis have been unavailable to purchase for the last few years.

We’ll have full details, including pictures and pack content, before the end of the month, when these minis will be added to our Online Shopping Cart.

Finally for today…

New Halfling Rooster Riders.

as pictured, we’ve been working away with our Mexican Sculptor Juan Montaño, to bring Halfling Rooster Knights to aid our Halfling Militia

There are ten new minis, adding a General, Rooster mounted Knightly Orders, a mounted magician and Command group models.

Again more details, pictures etc. before release in September.



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