The TAG Renaissance range is a thing of beauty.

 Planned to cover the whole Renaissance period, from the late 15th Century, though to the 1650s, and still a work in progress, 15 years after is first releases.

The whole range breaks down into about half a dozen sub-periods, but most of the armies have some kind of contact with the other periods surrounding them, so lots of troops have multiple uses.

Eastern Renaissance.

The Renaissance period in the East is an incredibly colourful period, with interesting and varied troops wherever you choose to look. We have a number of nations well covered, Poles, Turks, Russians, Cossacks, Tatars.

Sculpted by Nick Collier

New Worlds.

Covering the warfare in the New World, in the early 16th Century we have Spanish Conquistadors, as well a good selection of natives to interact with them, Aztecs for the Triple Alliance, Tlaxcalans and Otomi.

Sculpted by Nick Collier (Spanish), Mark Sims (Aztecs) and Alan Marsh (Tlaxcalans and Otomi)

Early Italian Wars.

The Italians Wars is a huge period in its own right with conflict lasting over 60 years, but this range concentrates at the start of that period with the Spanish and Italian forces for the period 1495 – 1530. Recently added are our Early Landsknechts, in our Maximilian Imperial range, and our Albanian Stradiots, mercenaries in many armies  of the period.

Sculpted by Nick Collier

Tudor – Valois.

Miniatures for the late Italian Wars period, with English troops for the 1544 invasion of France. The French, & their Swiss allies, are also suitable for the start of French Wars of Religion.

Sculpted by Nick Collier

The Long War.

TAG current ‘expansion’ project. Armies to represent the Dutch resistance to the Spanish occupation of the Low Countries in the later half of the 16th Century.

Thirty Years War.

A very big range of, what we primarily call Germans, representing the bulk of the fighting forces in the period used between 1618 and the 1648.

There were of course other nations involved, Swedes, Croats, Hungarians and many more…

Sculpted by Nick Collier

British Civil Wars.

The English Civil War is not a huge priority for TAG, but we do have a few miniatures which would be useful for the wars in the British Isles, in the 1630s and 40s.

We have a very good range of Scots as a large number served in TYW armies, as well as a few English, who likewise would also be suitable as mercenaries on the continent.

Sculpted by Nick Collier