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Tiny soldiers and armchair Generals, like their real-world counterparts, are subject to the whims of Fortune.

I’m sure as gamers and collectors we’ve seen and feared the worst; the gamer who’s table tipped, scattering armies floor-ward… or the collection cabinet shelve collapse, that smashes exquisite show-pieces beyond repair… boxes of painted minis involved in road traffic accidents… *gulp*

This stuff and worse happens; floods, fires, famines… well maybe not famines…


Rest assured in the event of a disaster, The Assault Group will take care of its casualties, not one man will be left behind.

If the worse should happen, TAG will replace, like for like, or pack for pack, every damaged miniature that you can return to us for recycling, and all we ask is that you register to become a Member on the site…

We know that we can’t hope to replace the time, paint… love…  you’ve invested in your miniature collection, but we can ensure that when you’re ready to start again, we will refill your ranks.

The Small Print…

All members will be charged carriage on the returning items, and this offer is not open on resin vehicles.


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