What we did, whilst you were on Holiday,

What we did, whilst you were on Holiday*.

August is traditionally a very quiet time in the Wargames Hobby.

Most Groups take a break, lots of people go away for a few weeks on holiday. Sometimes the weather is good, and even hardened Gamers, head into the real world, to walk in the warmth, or sit under shady trees, getting some ‘fresh air’.

So, whats to do whist all our lovely TAG Customers are away doing other things…


  • The Mail Order is up-to date.

All Orders are being dealt with on the day of arrival. We have no Orders in-hand waiting for castings.

  • We released our Chinese PLA.

Three packs of new Chinese UM minis.

Check them out on this Link.

UM Orders are on DOUBLE FREEBIES for the next couple of weeks.

  • Mucked about with Charlie Foxtrot building kits.

Having purchased these two Charlie Foxtrot Model kits, at our recent trip out to Bovington, we set about building the kits.

The idea is that they’ll make attractive back grounds for publicity images we’re setting up.

These are the first MDF Laser-cut kits I’ve made. I found them surprisingly easy (& fun) to put together. Only a moron could cock it up, which I did a little, but the material is forging, and I quickly corrected my one error…

Hopefully next week, someone here will get time to paint these, and maybe at some point you’ll be-able to half notice them in forthcoming pictures…

So, as you can see, the toil never ends. ­čśë

We’ll be prepping Fantasy models for release next week, and looking forward to our first Long War minis, by the time you get back to your Games rooms, or paint desks, in September.

*with a nod to Fairport Convention.


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