Dismounted Reivers Released.

Dismounted Reivers

As the Eagle-eyed will have noticed, last weekend we added 12 new Border Reiver miniatures, to our 16thC Tudor Range.

These excellent 28mm models Sculpted by Nick Collier are the dismounted versions of our current Borderer cavalry models.

They will allow those that would like to fight Border skirmishes the option to have mounted and dismount versions of the same man.

These are the full SKU detail

These 12 new models, when added to our current range, of mounted models, and militia infantry, means we have over 70 individual models to bring Border skirmishes alive.

Valois Horse-holders.

On a similar note…

We also added a pack of 3 new models to represent Valois ‘dragoons’.

Defiantly not called ‘dragoons’ at their inception, the French were it seems, the first to experiment with mounting arquebusiers on horses, for mobility and speed of movement, rather than mounted fire power, a role their Argoulets performed.

These models are suitable for the mid 16thC, from 1540ish through to the 1570’s.

Some modeling, to remove the Valois field signs, would also make these suitable for Huguenots, in the French Wars of Religion, or more Tudor Borderers.

These are the full SKU detail

There is also a Valois mounted arquebusier unit builder. 12 Valois Legion arquebusiers, 3 new horse holders, and 6 horses with reigns down.



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