Mail Order & Vehicle Pre-Order Update

Mail Order.

Sorry the the breakdown in communication in the last few weeks.

We been beavering away at the MO, as normal, I just forgot to crow about how on top of we are at present.

Small Ores, under £20, in and out in less that three days, on average.

Medium sized Orders, £50-80+, 5 days max…


Well we recently turn around £2000+ in ten days, so if you Order BIG, we can deliver FAST.

Vehicle Pre-Order.

The Stock of Resin for our Vehicle Pre-Order have now arrive.

So if you’ve been waiting on a Pre-Order for the last month or so, your wait is almost over.

We’ll get the metal parts added to the resins this week and dispatch as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Boarderer  release?

As pictured… HERE.

Yes, later this week, as soon as they can be done, with maybe some packs on sale at Diceni.



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