Borderers on foot advancing


REN446 Borderers on foot advancing

4 x 28mm miniatures

Sculpted by Nick Collier

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REN446 Borderers on foot advancing

4 x 28mm miniatures

Sculpted by Nick Collier

3 reviews for Borderers on foot advancing

  1. Alexander Warren (verified owner)

    Casting: Nice, crisp castings with minimal mould lines, no mould slippage and no excess flash.

    Scupting: Sculpting is excellent and clean, well detailed whilst not too busy/fussy.

    Comments: Cracking models, with very natural poses. The mix of weapons is great for swashbuckling adventures – I use them with the Dutch, although the riding boots aren’t quite right (*hint hint* – some without boots and possibly fewer jacks/helmets would be incredibly useful. Pretty please!)
    The shield on the chap firing the pistol is a slightly awkward fit and it isn’t easy to get his hand in the indent… but as it’s hidden by the shield its a minor point.

  2. myleshowardjackson (verified owner)

    Outstanding addition to the TAG Tudor range – good for later shenanigans in the chaotic Borders and also for High Seas adventure with Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago.

  3. Callum Aird (verified owner)

    Lovely characterful figures as usual. Useful as reivers and dismounted border horse in larger games.

    Excellent castings as always too!

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