Ultra Modern Horrors

Towards the end of November, TAG will be running its first Kickstarter Project for Ultra Modern miniatures.

Styled Ultra Modern Horrors, the Campaign will feature over 40 new miniatures, additions to our Western Civilian & Corporate ranges.

The nightmares  begin with another 4 Diplomats and Politicians, to accompany these that we released a couple of years ago.

These 28mm sized models, could double-up as anything, from humble IT staff, to crazed para-normal investigators, or many other non-military rolls in the 21st Century…

And if Politicians aren’t enough of a 21st Century Horror, then what about ‘The Mob’ that oppose them, street gangs, junkies, criminals, rioters, pinkos, hippies & communists, run amok in the streets…

Equipped with, ‘just whatever came to hand’ when it all kicked-off, this lot don’t really need anything, other than a BAD attitude, to stick-it to The Man.

These 12 miniatures will also be converted with Mask variants, in a similar way to our Organized Criminal Gangs, with more Clown masks, Vendetta masks, and maybe; gas-masks and hoods, or bandannas…

Finally, for now, a set of masked armed Robbers, pulling a heist in the middle of the mayhem.

These 4 minis, in a selection of the Clown and President masks, are loaded down with holdalls stuffed with folding CASH!

Its chaos, the breakdown of Civilization, send in the SWAT, send in the Army!

Coming soon to Kickstarter.


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