Its ALL kicking off!

Big update, so please read thoroughly.

Firstly, Mail Order; We’ve got about 30 Orders in-hand from the last three weeks, the larger the Order was, the more likely it is that the Order is to the ‘To Do’ pile… For the reasons stated below, it is our absolute priory to clear these 30 something Orders before the end of this week.

If you’ve placed an Order this weekend, and the items are in Stock, then you also will get you boxes dispatched before the week is out, but if the Order needs anything other that a couple of items casting, then if will be a slightly longer wait.

From The Ultra Modern Horrors Kickstarter.

Secondly, Crisis2017; We are Going, the transport, hotels and stand is booked, and TAG WILL be at mainland Europe’s Premier Wargames Event on the 4th of November.

For the reasons given later, we have not had time to run our normal pre-event Discount scheme. We are sorry that this is the case, previously the pre-sales covered our expenses, and made the whole trip very worth while, but…

If you do require us to bring specific items, you have about two days to get a request in by email (, and we will see what we are able to bring along.

Thirdly, Polish Hussar & Russian Dvor Horses; the moulds for which are now absolutely ruined, they’ve give us fine service over the last 10 or 12 years but on Friday I cut them up, and threw them away as useless.


Normally I don’t worry Customers with remaking moulds, it does just happen, but for the reason given below, I will not have chance to remake these moulds until the middle of November, at the easiest, so I am marking them as ‘OUT OF STOCK’ on the shopping cart until then. Rest assured, they WILL be back, as good a the day they were first moulded, just as soon as normal service is resumed.

Fourthly, Kickstarters; The Dwarf Bear Knights are almost complete, just a few packs to blister and send, this will continue as normal over the next few days… AND… work continues apace on our new Ultra Modern Horrors Kickstarter, which should go Live in late November.

And finally, the reason I’m running around like a headless chicken, is that I’m getting Married, to my long term, long suffering partner Nichola, on Saturday, and then heading-off on Honeymoon to Normandy (and Antwerp) for a week after. So TAG will be on a skeleton staff for that 10 day period, Mail Order will continue, I will not be here at ShedQuarters to answer email or phone calls.

Of course the pair of us will be delighted to see any of you in Antwerp on the4th, as we return to work at the Crisis Event, and something close to normal service will be resumed, from the 6th of November onwards.


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