TAG Fantasy and Kickstarter

It may have escaped your notice, but over the last 18 months TAG have added over 100 packs of new 28mm Fantasy miniatures.

TAG – Fantasy Cock-on!

Our Dwarf Empire and Halfling Militia are just the start of a huge number of exciting, Old School styled minis, we have been releasing through Kickstarter.

We will continue with this; in early June 2017, when we have our Dwarf Bear Knights, and again, in the late Summer, we’ll have our monstrous Land Griffons, to release through the Crowd Funding site.

Crowd Funding and Fantasy miniatures really work well together for TAG, so in the next 18 months expect 100’s more packs; including, Sea Elves, Orcs of the Shimmering Hoard, and more for our Empire Dwarves and Halfling Militia.


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