Renaissance Expansion News.

TAG Renaissance range continues…

The range started over 15 years ago, and pretty much the work of one man, Nick Collier, continues to grow with new packs added every six months or so.

Tudor Courtier

Next up are a few new models for our Muscovite Russian range; Jintzi, light lancer cavalry, which were used as Guards by the Czars of the early 17th Century, plus our long awaited Mid-16th century Swiss troops, and some final additions to our Tudor and Valois armies…

Details of these as they near release will be found on our Renaissance Workbench page.

Beyond these imminent releases, work is already in progress, on the next major additions to the range and over the the Winter of 2017, we will start to release Spanish and Dutch for the for the late 16th Century ‘Long War’.

TAG will continue to release Renaissance range miniatures exclusively through the TAG web shop.


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