Its Bad News Week.

Sorry to bearer of Bad News, but this is a bit of a theme of this week.

Today’s Bad News is that we are currently behind by about three weeks in our Mail Order shipment. We have particular issue with Orders place on the old Cart… why do change-overs always present new problems…

Please try to be patient, the site T&C’s are 28 days for delivery… so please expect a wait. We try very hard to be much quicker than this normally, but if you except 28 day and we get things to you quicker, that’ll be a bonus. If necessary please take a Ticket, and I’ll do everything I can to help you to find out what the issue is. Registering a PayPal dispute really doesn’t help you get your miniatures any quicker, please, please don’t do it as your first course of action.

We’ll be working hard to clear this back-log in the next ten days or so, so I’ll sound the all clear on something resembling normal service as soon as I can here on the Blog.


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