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Well, I said it was Bad News Week here at TAG, and this one is a real downer…

As of the 1st of July TAG will raise all its prices though-out its range of 28mm white metal miniatures.

Basic infantry packs containing, mostly, four foot minis, will rise from £6.50 each to £7.20. Cavalry, with 3 mounted miniatures, from £10.60 to £12.00.

Fantasy packs will increase from £9.00 to £10.00.

Pious Trooper

All other single packs will rise by a similar amount.

Unit Builders packs will rise in-line with the increases in basic packs also, with a basic 6 pack Unit Builder (24 foot) currently retailing at £29.95 becoming £34.00 each, and a 4 pack Cavalry Unit Builders (12 mounted) moving from £36.00 to £42.00 each and Fantasy Units from £40.00 to £45.00.

Weapons & equipment will rise, from £3.95 to £4.50 for a pack of 10 items.

Sorry to do this, it has been 4 years since we last increased our prices, and we have tried to hold this one as long as possible with out change, but trading conditions with-in the UK and through-out the wider world have changed dramatically in that time, and we need to move to reflect this.

I trust that the 28 days notice will allow those who need to purchase at the current rates, time to marshal the funds necessary to complete units, armies or other current projects, and it will be at least another couple of years at these rates, before we have to review the situation again.


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