Empire Knights, & Witch Hunters Released

Greeting TAG Fans,

It is with huge delight that today we can add MORE minis, to our expanding Fantasy Empire.

On general sale from today, are 15 packs of new miniatures representing the Human Knightly Orders, & Witch Hunters.

These 50+ 28mm models, were previously available though White Knights Miniature Imperium. The Knightly Orders included, Bear Knights & Boar Knights with their distinctive animal devices, as well as ordinary, Imperial knights, the backbone of the Emperor’s army, & elite Templar guards. Riechsknecht armoured cavalry, fill out this release, and would be a welcome addition to any Old School Imperial Army.

Witch Hunters roam the Old World routing out chaos degenerate, & proclaiming the Emperor opposition to the Dark Lords.

The full SKU detail of these new models are as follows;

EMH001 Witch-hunter general mounted, & foot proclaimers
EMH002 Witch-hunters
EMH003 Bear knights with hammers
EMH004 Bear knight command
EMH005 Imperial knights with hand weapons I
EMH006 Imperial knights with hand weapons II
EMH007 Imperial knight command
EMH008 Imperial knights with two-handed swords I
EMH009 Imperial knights with two-handed swords II
EMH010 Imperial knights with mixed weapons
EMH011 Boar knights with flails
EMH012 Boar knight command
EMH013 Templar knights with two-handed swords
EMH014 Templar knight command
EMH015 Reichsknecht mounted
EMH-a Dark Cleric

All these mini, will retail at £12.95 for 4 minis, apart from the single Dark Cleric (£2.75) & Mounted Witch Hunter pack, which is a RRP of £14.95.

As always we’ve grouped these packs into our very popular Unit Builders, which offer great value for multiple models.

EMH-SB1 Bear knight unit builder
EMH-SB2 Imperial knights with hand weapon unit builder
EMH-SB3 Imperial knights with two handed sword unit builder
EMH-SB4 Imperial knight with mixed weapons unit builder
EMH-SB5 Boar knight unit builder
EMH-SB6 Templar knight unit builder
EMH-SB7 Reichsknecht unit builder

We’ed like to thank White Knight himself, & all the painters (Orc Trader, Martin Hassell, Mr Chumley Warner(!)& others) who have added greatly to this project, check out their excellent work in our Gallery now.


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