Renaissance, Complete Armies

Back by popular demand, for the first time in about 10 years, are the TAG Complete Armies, for the Renaissance.

We’ve now about 20 of these, full and distinct armies, which can make up many more variants, but they represent the core of our range in the period well.

Each of the armies represents about 400pts of DBR army, not everything in the list, but the bulk of the interesting stuff that the armies are famous for… and should be suitable for any other rule set.

They vary hugely in price, from about £250,for a tiny Tatar army, to £500+ for a massive, all infantry, Aztec force. All the armies save about 10% on buying the units, and additional packs, normally though the site.


For 2 weeks, until December the 1st, these products will also be marked down by 5% as an introductory Offer.

The full list is as follows;

REN-COM001 Ottoman, Turkish
REN-COM002 Aztec
REN-COM003 Tlaxcalan (& Conquistador)
REN-COM004 Muscovite, Russian
REN-COM005 Tatar
REN-COM006 Rzeczpospolita, Polish-Lithuanian
REN-COM007 Cossack
REN-COM008 German Catholic, TYW
REN-COM009 German Protestant, TYW
REN-COM010 Christian, Danish, TYW
REN-COM011 Gustavian Swedish, TYW
REN-COM012 Italian Condotta
REN-COM013 Florentine
REN-COM014 Papal Italian
REN-COM015 Italian Wars French
REN-COM016 Neapolitan Spanish
REN-COM017 Imperial Spanish
REN-COM018 Venetian
REN-COM019 Valois, French
REN-COM020 Tudor, English

Hopefully, something for everyone… with an interest in the period.


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