NEW TAG Rewards Points.

TAG Reward Points


We’re Delighted to announce TAG Points.

From today, we’ve added a Points based Reward system, to the TAG online Shopping Cart.

For every £1.00 spent Online though the Cart, we’ll give you 5 TAG Reward points.

Points can be Redeemed at any time, thought the TAG Online Cart at a rate of 100 Points = £1.00

GIVING you a little 5% in the ‘Bank of TAG’, for when you next return for more 28mm mini loveliness.

Plus, there will be points 100pts for Registering with the us, 50 pts for writing Online Product Reviews, and adding Gallery images will also get you points.

And… all current site Members will also get a 500 point bonus added to their accounts, as our way of saying thank you for being there.



As of yesterday evening, the old limited edition Freebie miniature scheme, is no more. (sad face)

We’ve been giving-away these Character minis for almost 18 years, and ironically, their ‘exclusiveness’ has made them some of our most popular minis.

Consequently all 100+ of these single Character models will go on General Sale, through the Online Cart, over the next few weeks. (happy, joy-joy)



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