Vietcong with AK47


Vietcong with AK47
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Richard Ansell

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Vietcong with AK47
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Richard Ansell

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  1. T L (verified owner)

    The miniatures are nicely sculpted, in a variety of peasant clothing and headgear. The clothing detail is very good, especially the thatched nón lá conical hat, as well as the folds and details on their shirts and shorts. Additionally, the weapons are a little off scale, particularity with the barrels and stocks, lacking some detail and looking blocky. Not to say it is a bad sculpt, the weapons do look good, but its the little things.
    In my humble opinion, the main stumbling block for these miniatures is the facial details. It looks a quite crude in places and in other areas resembles something from a “Grunt Free Press” Cartoon.
    Overall, these do not downplay the miniature too much. These are still solid, good looking miniatures, with great posing, all racing to the fore to engage the imperialists. A great staple for any Vietnam Diorama or Wargame.

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