Vehicles Back on Pre-Order & Mail Order update for July

Vehicles Back On Pre-Order

Its Pre-Order time on all TAG Vehicle.

We’ll be collating Pre-Orders for our small but beautifully formed range of 1/56th scale Vehicles throughout the month of August, with a view to casting & delivery in late September.

The selection of models can be seen here on this link

After this we’ll have a little over stock list on then cart, but when they are gone, it’ll be another 6 months before we have a resin casting slot.  So Pre-Order now, to avoid disapionment… 😉

Mail Order Update

At the risk of jinxing things, I’ll say that we are really quiet good with the Mail Order dispatch times.

Most Orders have a two around of a couple of day and the oldest Order we currently have is less than a week old. Even hugh Orders are being dealt with swiftly.

Spanish Infantry Release

The next release. in our busy year for Renaissance miniatures will be our Spanish Imperial infantry. Designed for the great Tercios of the 1560 -90’s. We’ll have pictures of the minis, in a couple of weeks. A production release ready by the middle of September.





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