Valois Starter Army Added for DBA-RRR offer

Hey People,

I complete forgot, that we can add another Army, to our list of DBA-RRR Starter Armies, this time it the French Valois for the end of the Great Italian War,  the full details for which  can be found below;

The Army contains this little mix of minis

  • 3 x REN451/REN453, Ordonnance gendarmes (4 Kn)
  • 1 x REN454/REN456, Argoulets with arquebus (2 Lh)
  • 2 x REN461/REN462/REN463/REN464, Arquebusiers & Legion shot (2 Sh)
  • 2 x REN467/REN468/REN469/REN470, Swiss (2 Pk)
  • 2 x REN457/REN458/REN459/REN460, Legion Pikemen (2 Pk)

And retails at £72

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