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These are the workbench images of our latest models in our huge English Tudor range.
Because of our involvement in the Kett’s Rebellion participation game, we needed a large hoard of civilians to fill out the Rebels ranks.

So, we’ve got lots of Militia minis, with bows and pole-arms, which are lightly armoured and irregularly dressed, but we needed MORE variety…

These then are our Tudor Rabble minis, 8 new minis, (mostly) cast with open hands to allow a good variety of peasant improvised weapons.

Of course, these minis will find use outside Norfolk’s Kett’s Rebellion. The Commotion Times*, were a country wide phenomenon, which stretched over the transitional period between Henry VIII, & Elizabeth’s rule.

Of course these models will also be useful for other nations of the period, roughly 1530s to 1570s, across Western and Central Europe, where Peasants Wars, and Religious uprisings, were common place.

We’ll be giving these models a mix of about half a dozen ‘agricultural’ weapons, but of course there are many more options from spears, to artillery equipment, in our Parts & Equipment list.

But whats a Rebellion, without a strong man to put it down?

Step forward Sir John Dudley, Earl of Warwick.

Dudley, who had served since boyhood for the Old King, and was part of the protectorate around the young Edward VI, had recently served as second in command at the battle of Pinkie, against the Scots.

Our sculptor, Nick Collier, has taken the likeness from a portrait of Dudley as a young man, in the 1520s, and aged him to the man of greater years, in the 1540s. I think he’s done a magnificent job.

These new minis, will be on sale by 5pm (GMT) 10th of March, and in action at Diceni 2023 on the 30th of April.

*The Commotion Times by E T Fox, published by Helion, is well worth the read.


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