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OK, time to ring some changes.

Previously, we’ve listed our whole catalogue as ‘In Stock’, this has never strictly been the case. We’ve always kept a small stock, but if the Orders out numbered the stock, we’ed just run in to the other room, cast what was necessary, plus 2 or 3 extras, and send. Without ever tampering with the shopping cart.

This was fine, mostly… but has increasingly led to issues with delays as the catalogue has grown. Old moulds wear out unexpectedly, small Orders (wanting swift delivery) get lost in larger ones, or as happened twice in the last six months, the machine breaks down leaving a backlog and no proper way for removing ‘non-stock’ items from sale.

So, for future transparency, and hopefully so you can make informed purchases, we’ve moved to a live, what-you-see is what-we-have, stock system, for all our basic packs. Stock number will be shown, where we have it.

Packs Ordered from stock can be dispatched the same day, if ordered before 3pm Monday to Friday, or next day if later.

When we no long have stock, packs will be shown as ‘On Back Order’. Back Ordered packs may take up to 28 day for us to deliver, as per our longstanding Term & Conditions.

Some items might be marked as ‘Out of Stock’. This may be for short term reasons, maybe the mould needs remaking, or resin parts need reordering, or long term issues with the models. I’ll try to explain on the products shop page for clarity. These will not be available for sale.

The exception to ALL this, is the Parts & Equipment, and Character minis, where the moulding & casting make stock control difficult. The old system will remain in place. Just assume ‘In Stock’ means we’ve got lots of tiny ammo boxes or whatever, and even if you need a few more, casting extra, is ‘almost always’* easily and quickly done.

So, to test the new system, and to clear as much sock from the wall as possible, in the month of May, we are offering 20% OFF the price of, all stock basic packs.

Where you see it… it’s yours, at a great price, and shipped FAST.

*barring machine break down.


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