Royal Swiss Released

This week TAG are delighted to announce that our Royal Swiss miniatures are being released for general sale through the TAG Online Shopping Cart.

Swiss infantry of this period (1535 – 1570) fought exclusively, for the French Royal house of Valois, in the Great Italian War and into the French Wars of Religion.

The Swiss were the sworn enemy of the Landsknechts; no quarter, was asked for or given, between to two, in spite of the fact that they are superficially very similar in appearance, and recruited from similar sources.

We have nine new packs of 28mm sized, white metal, miniatures to represent these mains-stays of the French army in the period.

These are the full details;


We’ve also added a Unit Builder set, for those of you would like to build… units…

24 x 28mm miniatures, one random Command group, four random packs of pikes and one pack of arqubusiers, again randomly chosen from the three different ones we have released today.

SKU details as follows;

And finally, for all you Landsknecht fanatics out-there who are wanting to convert these Swiss, or our Early Landsknechts, we’ve added our version of the famous katzbalger sword to the Renaissance Weapons & Equipment section. These will be sold in packs of 10 for £4.50

Right, that is it for now, back in a week or two with more Landsknechts, this time Kickstarter Zombies for the Fantasy Range.


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