ROBIN Accent Prize Draw!

Red On Blue In Nottingham

Is THIS Sunday.

Check out the full details of the Event HERE.

Enter our Prize Draw!

We’ve no time to run our normal 20% Collection discount scheme for this show, no chance with the mayhem of our bumper January Mail Order sales.

So instead, we’re going to run a FREE to enter £200 (!) Prize Draw for everyone that wants to participate at the Event.

To enter simply come to the TAG stand, and say in your best* Nottingham accent any one of the three following ‘local’ phrases.

  • Nah then (favoured as a greeting by those from North Notts’).
  • Bleddy’ell, what yu doin’ dahn ‘ere? (again another greeting, this time with some surprise)
  • ya got oat for noat? (a common inquiry…)

You will be judged.

Participants will receive a £5.00 voucher to spend at the Stand on the day, and entry into our Prize Draw.

Prize are,

  • 1 £100, ‘Lukeh Get’ Top Prize,


  • 2, £50, “not bovvered releh” 2nd prizes.

Prizes will be  drawn at 3pm.

Vouchers must be spent on the day, Prizes can be collected, at leisure, from the whole TAG range Online.

So, ya rite?

Get y’sen dahn…

See ya sundi.




*there is no ‘best’ Nottingham accent, they’re all horrible…



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