Russian Regular in M60 Helmets with AK74


Russian Regular in M60 Helmets with AK74
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Mark Evans

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Russian Regular in M60 Helmets with AK74
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Mark Evans

2 reviews for Russian Regular in M60 Helmets with AK74

  1. T L (verified owner)

    The sculpts are well detailed and look very realistic, lacking the common “Toy solider” faces seen in many 28mm. Credit to the sculptor for such detailed work. The same detail applies to the Kalashnikovs and the troop’s equipment.
    In terms of poses, they are natural and dramatic. One facet in which they lack is that only the kneeling trooper is firing, the other two are in poses of either running or standing waving their weapons about. A second, standing gunman in the act of firing would have sufficed well.
    Mould lines are negligible, but some are visible,though not needing much work. The bases however do, and require a bit of trimming to remove flash, which is also present on some of the weapons.
    Another hindrance is the weakness of the gun barrels, which can easy bend and warp. One or two had to be rectified upon arrival in the post.
    Overall, the miniatures are of high quality and a satisfying buy overall.

    • Peter

      Hi TL,

      Thank you for your review, Mark Evans, the sculptor off these models, always tries to add a little character to every mini he makes for us, we always try never to be ‘wargames standard’

      You have a point about the barrels/muzzle breaks, they are quite fine, and normally we ‘double foam’ these types of packs for extra protection, but if you do have any breakages, or damage you can not rectify, please take Ticket from the Support page and we’ll always endeavour to rectify the problem.

  2. scott Coley (verified owner)

    To further confirm the previous reviewer these sculpts hold up well to other brands. The posing is very natural and there was very little flashing or mould lines. Highly recommend for modern Soviet forces.

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