Royal Swiss Pike unit builder


Royal Swiss Pike unit builder

24 x 28mm miniatures

Sculpted by Nick Collier

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Weight.36 kg
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Royal Swiss Pike unit builder

24 x 28mm miniatures

1 x REN471/REN472 Command

4 x REN467/REN468/REN469/REN470 Pikemen

1 x REN473/REN474/REN475 Arquebusiers

4 reviews for Royal Swiss Pike unit builder

  1. Peter

    Bloomin’eck how good are these…

  2. Callum Aird (verified owner)

    Lovely range of sculpts. The command are excellent, especially the swordsmen.

    Could easily be converted to 1540s Landsknechts with the addition of some swords and the inclusion of a few floppy hats…

  3. Deturn (verified owner)

    Great very crisp details.
    Little to none-cleaning work necessary. No mould-slippage. Great deal as well.

  4. TRM (verified owner)

    Brilliant minis as always from TAG, loads of character and crisp detail.
    This will make the nucleus of a decent like block, just need to do a bit of research now on colour schemes and flags.

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