German Musketeers at porte


German Musketeers at porte
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Nick Collier

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German Musketeers at porte
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Nick Collier

1 review for German Musketeers at porte

  1. Alexander Warren (verified owner)

    Casting: Nice, crisp castings with minimal mould lines, no mould slippage and no excess flash. Although a couple of the figures had a miscast over the left eye – not too hard to clear up, and could probably be painted as an eye patch if you didn’t want to carve it back. I deducted a star for this, but have paid for far worse from other manufacturers.

    Scupting: Sculpting is good and clean, well detailed whilst not too busy/fussy.

    Comments: I use these figures with the Dutch (slightly larger) and Early Swedish/Finns (spot on size match) to portray Elizabethans. Poses are excellent and look natural. Variations within the pack are all distinct characters whilst not being so individual that you would have difficulty mixing multiples in a unit… The hats are very 1600s, but I would have preferred a bit more variation in headgear.

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