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Desk x 1

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  1. Lucas Nicholson (verified owner)

    This desk comes as two separately cast pieces; the chassis of the desk and the desktop. Both pieces I received were superb castings requiring very little clean up. The desk chassis itself is a thick and sturdy solid casting, and will not bend or break easily, also having a satisfying heft in the hand. The desktop is also adequately thick enough to ensure good durability and retain it’s flatness and shape. Details are well defined and it scales well with TAG figures, as well as the vast majority of other 28mm manufacturers.

    Assembly requires CA glue and is straightforward, one simply needing to arrange the desktop onto the chassis of the desk to their satisfaction. Some guiding lines or grooves would have been a welcome addition to get an even fit, but I managed without just fine. Although because it may take you a moment to adjust the desktop to your liking, I would suggest using a slower drying gel-form glue. I would also recommend filing the top of the desk chassis to an even finish so you can ensure a flush fit for the desktop. Additionally, it is good practice to use a flat surface and “smooth out” the desktop on it by pressing the casting against the surface to make it perfectly straight.

    This is a nice piece of furniture, and really helps bring a game-board to life. The intricacy of a board with fully furnished buildings and streets is an impressive sight, and pieces like this are the ingredients. This desk looks great painted up, and is much sturdier than similar MDF furniture at a competitive price.

    Highly recommend.

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