British Infantry (Helmet)


British Infantry (Helmet)
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Richard Ansell

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British Infantry (Helmet)
4 x 28mm miniatures
Sculpted by Richard Ansell

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  1. T L (verified owner)

    Another solid set of sculpts depicting British army infantrymen. The sculpts were clean, with mould lines that were barely noticeable, alongside few amounts of flash. There were areas of flash on the base’s underside however, which require sanding and cutting to ensure a sturdy base.
    The weapons are detailed and maintain a good size consistency. All the SA80’s are equipped with SUSAT’s while the solider manning a rocket launcher (possibly a stinger, though it seems to not be a LAW of Javelin) has one slung across his back. They are all in full webbing, which is detailed and highly accurate. Credits to Richard Ansell for his work.
    In terms of poses, the troops are fluid and realistic. One gripe would be that only the trooper armed with the LSW86A2 is firing. Maybe a better choice would be to have the riflemen to be firing, allowing for more fluidity, and have the LSW as an additional pack to be bought.
    A good unit overall, with mostly accurate details and fine sculpts.

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