World War II

APJ001Japanese Imperial Army with Arisaka (rifle) in combat£7.20
APJ002Japanese Imperial Army Banzai Attack£7.20
APJ003Japanese Imperial Army with M99 LMG's Advancing£7.20
APJ004Japanese Imperial Army with 50mm Mortars£7.20
APJ005Japanese Imperial Army with Type92 HMG Moving£7.20
APJ006Japanese Imperial Army with Arisaka (rifle) in Foxholes£7.40
APJ007Japanese Imperial Army with Arisaka (rifle).£7.20
APJ008Japanese Imperial Army with M99 LMG's taking cover£7.20
APJ009Japanese Imperial Army with 81mm Mortar firing£7.20
APJ010Japanese Imperial Army with Type100 SMG£7.20
APJ011Japanese Imperial Army with Flame throwers£7.20
APJ012Japanese Imperial Army Casualties.£7.20
APJ013Japanese Imperial Army with 81mm mortar moving£7.20
APJ014Japanese Imperial Army with Type92 firing.£7.20
APJ015Japanese Imperial Army Sentries.£7.20
APJ016Japanese Imperial Army Anti-tank troops.£7.20
APJ017Japanese Imperial Army Banzai Attack II.£7.20
APJ018Japanese Imperial Army with M99 LMG in foxholes.£8.00
APJ019Japanese Imperial Army Snipers£7.20
APJ020Japanese Imperial Army High Command£7.20
APJ021Japanese Imperial Army with M99 LMG in Combat£7.20
APJ022Japanese Imperial Army with Arisaka (rifle) taking cover£7.20
APJ023Japanese Imperial Army Scouts£7.20
APJ024Japanese Imperial Army with Type 100 SMG in Foxholes£8.00
APM-BS1Iwo-jima Box set£34.00
APM001US Marines with M1 Garand Rifle£7.20
APM002US Marines with M1 Carbine£7.20
APM003US Marines with Browning Automatic Rifles£7.20
APM004US Marine Scouts£7.20
APM005US Marine .30 cal Team£7.20
APM006US Marines with M1 Carbine in foxholes£8.00
APM007US Marine Squad Leaders£7.20
APM008US Marines with M1 Garand rifle in combat£7.20
APM009US Marines with 81mm Mortar firing£7.20
APM010US Marines with Flame throwers£7.20
APM011US Marines with M1 Carbine taking cover£7.20
APM012US Marines with BAR in Foxholes£8.00
APM013US Marines with M1 Carbine in combat.£7.20
APM014US Marines with BAR Taking cover£7.20
APM015US Marines .30cal Team Advancing.£7.20
APM016US Marines with Bazookas.£7.20
APM017US Marines casualties.£7.20
APM018US Marines with M1 Garand in Foxholes£8.00
APM019US Marines with BAR in Combat£7.20
APM020US Marine Medics (US Navy Corpsmen)£7.20
APM021US Marines with M1 rifles taking cover£7.20
APM022US Marine Bazooka teams moving£7.20
APM023US Marine Snipers£7.20
APM024US Marine teams in fox holes£8.00
BPC001British Chindit with SMLE No1 MkIII rifles, £7.20
BPC002British Chindit with SMLE No1 MkIII rifles and modified backpacks, £7.20
BPC003British 14th Army withNo4 MkI Rifles£7.20
BPC004British 14th Army with No4 MkI Rifles and backpacks£7.20
BPC005British 14th Army with automatic weapons£7.20
BPC006British Mules and handlers£7.20
BPC007British Chindits with Thompsons, £7.20
BPC008British Chindits with Lee-Enfields and Backpacks, £7.20
BPC009British Chindits with Lee-Enfields, £7.20
BPC010British Chindits with Bren Guns, £7.20
BPC011British Chindits with Vickers HMG, £7.20
BPC012British Chindits with 3" Mortar, £7.20
BPC013Ghurkas with Kukri, £7.20
BPC014Ghurkas with rifles£7.20
BPC015Ghurkas with rifles and backpacks£7.20
BPC016Ghurkas with Thompson SMGs£7.20
BPC017Ghurkas with Sten-guns£7.20
BPC018Ghurkas with Bren-guns£7.20
LWG001German infantry with M98k with Helmets£7.20
LWG002German infantry with M98k with Field Caps£7.20
LWG003German infantry with M98k with mixed headwear£7.20
LWG004German infantry with MG42 with mixed headwear£7.20
LWG007German Panzer Grenadiers with MP44s£7.20
LWG008German Panzer Grenadiers with Panzerknackers£7.20
LWG009German Panzer Grenadiers with Panzerfausts£7.20
LWG010German Panzer Grenadiers with Panzerschrek£7.20
LWG011German Panzer Grenadiers with MG42 (bipod)£7.20
LWG012German Panzer Grenadiers with MG42 (tripod)£7.20
LWG013German Panzergrenadiere Command£7.20
LWG014German Panzergrenadiere MG42 Squad£7.20
LWG015German Panzergrenadiere MG34 Squad£7.20
LWG016German Panzergrenadiere troopers I£7.20
LWG017German Panzergrenadiere troopers II£7.20
LWG018German Panzergrenadiere troopers III£7.20
SVR001Soviet Russians with SVT-40£7.20
SVR002Soviet Russians with Mosin-Nagant in hats£7.20
SVR003Soviet Russians with Mosin-Nagant in helmets£7.20
SVR004Soviet Russians with DP LMG£7.20
SVR005Soviet Russians with PPSh-41£7.20
SVR006Soviet Russians with PPS-43£7.20
SVR007Soviet Russians in Telogerika with SVT-40£7.20
SVR008Soviet Russians in Telogerika with Mosin-Nagant in hats£7.20
SVR009Soviet Russians in Telogerika with Mosin-Nagant in helmets£7.20
SVR010Soviet Russians in Telogerika with DP LMG£7.20
SVR011Soviet Russians in Telogerika with PPSh-41£7.20
SVR012Soviet Russians in Telogerika with PPS-43£7.20
LWG005German infantry with Sturmgewehr 44 with mixed headwear£7.20
LWG006German infantry with MP40 with mixed headwear£7.20
LWG019German High Command£7.20
LWG020German Senior Offcers (Colonels & Majors)£7.20
LWG021German Junior Officers (Capitains & Lietenants)£7.20
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