American Marines

APM-BS1Iwo-jima Box set£34.00
APM001US Marines with M1 Garand Rifle£7.20
APM002US Marines with M1 Carbine£7.20
APM003US Marines with Browning Automatic Rifles£7.20
APM004US Marine Scouts£7.20
APM005US Marine .30 cal Team£7.20
APM006US Marines with M1 Carbine in foxholes£8.00
APM007US Marine Squad Leaders£7.20
APM008US Marines with M1 Garand rifle in combat£7.20
APM009US Marines with 81mm Mortar firing£7.20
APM010US Marines with Flame throwers£7.20
APM011US Marines with M1 Carbine taking cover£7.20
APM012US Marines with BAR in Foxholes£8.00
APM013US Marines with M1 Carbine in combat.£7.20
APM014US Marines with BAR Taking cover£7.20
APM015US Marines .30cal Team Advancing.£7.20
APM016US Marines with Bazookas.£7.20
APM017US Marines casualties.£7.20
APM018US Marines with M1 Garand in Foxholes£8.00
APM019US Marines with BAR in Combat£7.20
APM020US Marine Medics (US Navy Corpsmen)£7.20
APM021US Marines with M1 rifles taking cover£7.20
APM022US Marine Bazooka teams moving£7.20
APM023US Marine Snipers£7.20
APM024US Marine teams in fox holes£8.00
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