Medieval Asia

GEM-SB1Samurai archer unit builder set£34.00
GEM-SB2Samurai cavalry swordsmen unit builder set£42.00
GEM-SB3Samurai swordsmen unit builder set£34.00
GEM-SB4Samurai cavalry archer unit builder set£42.00
GEM-SB5Samurai Followers with Naginata unit builder set, £34.00
GEM-SB6Japanese Peasants with mixed weapons unit builder set, £34.00
GEM-SB8Monks with naginata & bow unit builder set, , £34.00
GEM001Samurai with Tachi£7.20
GEM002Samurai with Bow£7.20
GEM003Mtd Samurai with Katana£12.00
GEM004Mtd Samurai with Bow£12.00
GEM005Monks with Naginata, £7.20
GEM006Followers running with Naginata, £7.20
GEM007Samurai with Katana£7.20
GEM008Samurai with Bow II£7.20
GEM009Mtd Samurai Command, , £12.00
GEM011Monks with Bow, £7.20
GEM012Followers with Naginata, £7.20
GEM013Samurai with No-datchi£7.20
GEM014Samurai General£7.20
GEM015Mounted Monks, £12.00
GEM016Mounted followers, £12.00
GEM017Followers with Bow, £7.20
GEM018Followers with Naginata II, £7.20
GEM019Peasants with Naginata, £7.20
GEM020Peasants with Improvised weapons, £7.20
GEM021Mounted Samurai with bows II£12.00
GEM022Mounted Monks II, £12.00
GEM023Warrior Monks with Naginata II, £7.20
MNG-SB1Mongol Heavy cavalry unit builder set£42.00
MNG-SB2Mongol Light cavalry unit builder set£42.00
MNG001Mongol extra-heavy cavalry with bow£12.00
MNG002Mongol heavy cavalry with lance£12.00
MNG003Mongol light cavalry with sidearm,£12.00
MNG004Mongol extra-heavy cavalry Command£12.00
MNG005Mongol heavy infantry with bow£7.20
MNG006Mongol camel drummer£7.20
MNG007Mongol extra-heavy cavalry with lance£12.00
MNG008Mongol General (mtd and foot), standard bearer£7.20
MNG009Mongol light cavalry with bows.£12.00
MNG010Mongol heavy cavalry command., , £12.00
MNG011Mongol heavy infantry command., , £7.20
MNG012Mongol slaver and captives., £7.20
MNG013Mongol extra-heavy cavalry with hand weapons£12.00
MNG014Mongol heavy cavalry with bow£12.00
MNG015Mongol Sub-General (mtd and foot), drummer£7.20
MNG016Mongol mtd casualties£7.20
MNG017Mongol heavy infantry with spears£7.20
MNG018Mongol camel standard bearer£7.20
MNG021Mongol light/medium infantry with spears and pavise£7.20
MNG019Mongol light cavalry with lance£12.00
MNG020Mongol light cavalry command£12.00
MNG022Mongol light infantry with bows£7.20
SNG-SB1Song dynasty Chinese Crossbowmen unit builder set, £34.00
SNG-SB10Song dynasty Chinese Armoured Bowmen unit builder set, £34.00
SNG-SB11Song dynasty Chinese Armoured Spearmen unit builder set, £34.00
SNG-SB3Song dynasty Chinese Bowmen unit builder set, £34.00
SNG-SB5Song dynasty Chinese Archer Cavalry unit builder set£42.00
SNG-SB4Song dynasty Chinese Guard Cavalry unit builder set, £42.00
SNG-SB6Song dynasty Chinese Cavalry with exotic weapons unit builder set£42.00
SNG-SB7Song dynasty Chinese Cavalry with fire lances unit builder set£42.00
SNG-SB9Song dynasty Chinese Armoured Crossbowmen unit builder set, £34.00
SNG001Song dynasty Chinese spear/halberdier advancing, £7.20
SNG002Song dynasty Chinese crossbow shooting, £7.20
SNG003Song dynasty Chinese cavalry command, £12.00
SNG004Song dynasty Chinese cavalry with bow£12.00
SNG005Song dynasty Chinese swordsman, £7.20
SNG006Song dynasty Chinese bowmen loading, £7.20
SNG007Song dynasty Chinese armoured crossbow, £7.20
SNG008Song dynasty Chinese armoured archer, £7.20
SNG009Song dynasty Chinese armoured spear/halberdier, £7.20
SNG010Song dynasty Chinese armoured foot command, , , £7.20
SNG011Song dynasty Chinese Guard cavalry, £12.00
SNG012Song dynasty Chinese Guard cavalry command, , £12.00
SNG013Song dynasty Chinese crossbow loading, £7.20
SNG014Song dynasty Chinese bowmen firing, £7.20
SNG015Song dynasty Chinese spearmen/halberdiers II, £7.20
SNG016Song dynasty Chinese foot command, , , £7.20
SNG017Song dynasty Chinese cavalry with exotic weapons£12.00
SNG018Song dynasty Chinese cavalry with lancers£12.00
SUI-SB1Sui dynasty Chinese Cataphract Lancers unit builder set£42.00
SUI-SB2Sui dynasty Chinese Cataphract with side arms unit builder set£42.00
SUI-SB3Sui dynasty Chinese Spearmen unit builder set£34.00
SUI-SB4Sui dynasty Chinese Archers (inf) unit builder set£34.00
SUI001Sui dynasty Chinese foot command, £7.20
SUI002Sui dynasty Chinese spearmen£7.20
SUI003Sui dynasty Chinese archers£7.20
SUI004Sui dynasty Chinese Cataphract command, £12.00
SUI005Sui dynasty Chinese Cataphract with lance£12.00
SUI006Sui dynasty Chinese Cataphract with side arms£12.00
TNG-SB2Tang Dynasty Heavy Cavalry unit builder£42.00
TNG-SB3Tang Dynasty Horse-archers unit builder£42.00
TNG-SB4Tang Dynasty Guard unit builder, £34.00
TNG-SB5Tang Dynasty swordsmen unit builder£34.00
TNG004Tang Dynasty Heavy Cavalry with lance£12.00
TNG005Tang Dynasty Heavy Cavalry command, £12.00
TNG006Tang Dynasty horse archers£12.00
TNG007Tang Dynasty swordsmen£7.20
TNG008Tang Dynasty swordsmen comand, £7.20
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