Price Rises

Price Rises

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but as of 1st July 2021 prices will rise across the whole Range.

It’s been four years (July 2017) since we last increased prices in this way, and I’m sure you understand economic circumstances have change considerably in the interim.

Basic packs will rise to £7.95 for four 28mm miniatures.

All other packs, single models, parts, Unit & Starter Armies will rise as follows.

£0.45p goes to £0.50p Most Weapons & Equipment

£0.90p goes to £1.00p Big W&E parts

£1.35p goes to £1.50p Double bigly W&E parts

£1.80p goes to £1.95p Single Historical

£2.25p goes to £2.50p Bigly-est W&E parts

£2.50 goes to £2.75p Single Fantasy

£4.00p goes to £4.50p A man and a donkey…

£4.50p goes to £4.95p Equipment sets & most Animals

£6.00p goes to £6.50p Land Rovers

£7.20p goes to £7.95p Basic Historical Infantry packs

£7.50p goes to £8.25p Some vehicles

£8.00p goes to £8.75p Other vehicles

£9.25p goes to £9.95p Historical Generals

£10.00p goes to £10.95p most Fantasy packs

£12.00p goes to £12.95p Historical cavalry packs

£14.00p goes to £14.95p Warrior APC kit

£20.00p goes to £21.95p Double bigly Fantasy packs

£34.00p goes to £36.95p Historical infantry Unit Builder

£42.00p goes to £45.95p Historical cavalry Unit Builder

£45.00p goes to £49.95p Fantasy Unit Builders

£66.00p goes to £71.95p One huge Swedish Unit

£72.00p goes to £79.50p Starter Armies

£90.00p goes to £99.00p Big Fantasy Unit

(do you think we have too many price points?)

It’s about a 10% increase, and our plan is that we will leave these prices as they are for a couple of years.

There will all so be a rise in the Price threshold for our FREE Postage, instead of Band 3) starting at £57.40 this will rise to £63.60, which is, and always has been, equivalent to 8 basic infantry packs & one of our standard Mail Order boxes.

Membership+ will rise to £15.00.

Once again sorry for the increase, we hope that over the last 4 years we’ve improved considerably, as to deserve this increase. Mail Order turnaround is down to days, instead of the weeks, we were previously, and we’ve also introduced our Reward point scheme, which judging by it use, is a very popular feature on the Site.

Thank you, your continued interest in our models allows for the to continue to grow and expand even in these uncertain times.


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