More Gallery Images Needed

Help us TAG fans…

After two full years of pretty much weekly Gallery Updates, I’m finally running to the bottom of the virtual pile of images, that has been collated over the last, decade and a half…

Much of what what is left unseen, is either; too ‘small’, the modern inter’web likes HUGE images, and 350pxls, once a pone a time an upload maximum, is now too small for our Server, or are in formats which are soooo degraded that showing them is not really worth while.

…You’re our only hope.


If you have good images of painted TAG miniatures, over 350 pxls square, in any modern camera file type, please Upload them HERE.

We’ll Moderate them, then show them live Online,  in our super User Gallery, and maybe feature them in our print advertising.

Please note, enthusiasm trump talent, so it doesn’t matter that you feel you don’t match-up to a few of the great painters on show. We LOVE that you’ve spend time with our models, and we’d really like to feature them on the site regardless of painting ‘style’.

Upload Images.

  • or Email:, and I’ll Upload for you.

Oh , and thanks to EVERYONE that has contributed so far, it really is a great place to spend time, with some lovely models.


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