Maurican Dutch Foot Released

It is with huge pleasure that today TAG release 32 new 28 mm sized metal miniatures to represent the Dutch foot troops, after the reforms of Maurice of Nassau, in the late 16th Century.

The reformed Dutch* army has the claim of be the world’s first Modern army. With men recruited, equipped, uniformed, trained as a group, and fighting as a new model army.

The Details

These are our full SKU details;

All foot packs are currently £7.20 for 4 models.

There is also a Unit Builder for these new models;

Unit Builders offer better value at the expense of a little choice. 24 x 28 mm sized models for £34.00

ALL these excellent models we sculpted by Nick Collier.

These minis are available for purchase NOW, and will be delivered, destination dependant, at the end of next week.

(Dutch* = pete’s incorrect, or badly misunderstood notion of Nationality, in a war with over a dozen regional and religious groupings, and as many men of different ‘Nations’ involved in the fighting.)


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