Mail Order Update

Mail Order Update.

In all the kerfuffle lately, I almost forgot to Update the Mail Order Blog…

Strange Days.

Yup, quite unusual times, but we continue to function, Orders are still coming in, and being processed.

We’ve been remarkably quick with the turn around at the moment, Orders are normally dealt with-in a few days, and lots come in and are dispatched, on the same day.

Our Post Office is currently not accepting collections after 3pm, to ensure dispatch before the end of business, so if you do want anything to arrive ‘next day’, please Order before… 2pm… to give us a fighting chance of dispatching on time.

Having said that, the Post Office is open, 5 and a half days a week, so we are continuing to sent items.

Our UPS shippers are open as normal, so that is our preferred option for large Orders.

Social Media.

For those that like  such things, we’ve been increasing our output on FaceBook.

We have regular LIVE chats, and other ‘interesting’ time fillers, to help you through a busy day.

Join us on Monday at 11.00 am, for a round-up of whats happening, with the TAG Online Community.

Other than that, we try to keep calm and… stay safe.




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