Mail Order Update, and More Land Griffon News…

Hey TAG fans.

Mail Order Update for the 23 of March 2018.

And everything is running really smoothly.

Over the last couple of weeks since the last Update, Orders have been leaving on a daily basis and even larger Orders, and bespoke requests are being dealt  with with in a three or four days.

We currently have less that a dozen Orders in hand, a few of which arrived in the last 24 hours.

Most of the remaining outstanding Orders are for Land Griffons. The production moulds for the Griffons were completed today, and will be cast on Monday. Expect delivery of those new minis at the end of next week.

Land Griffons Added to Cart.

Land Griffon scale shot

Due to ‘popular demand’, I’ve added four separate Land Griffon to the Online Cart this morning.

These are the full details.


Right-o I’ll be back Blogging next week, about my meet up sculptor Nick Collier, and in a couple of weeks with the next Mail Order Update.




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