Mail Order Update, and Stuff… 01/12/2017


Mail Order Update for the week, is that we are flying though at the moment, no orders over a week old, a large number (most) of the orders leaving within a working week, and I know in an age of Prime deliveries, a week to wait is disappointing, but for us it is amazing.

What’s really helped has been the increased stock level brought about by adding extra hands at the casting machine.

As you can see from the image below our (Renaissance in this case) stock levels are high, and this means more Orders are fulfilled from quickly stock.


Also, Renaissance related, I will return the Polish Hussars, and Russian Dvor to the Cart. They’ll be as good as new now with new horse moulds made.

I’ll be back with another Update next Friday, as we work though what Orders are incoming between now and our Holiday break


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