Mail Order, Normal Service resumed.

Mail Order 19/02/2019


The previous Mail Order Backlog (linky), has been cleared, yah!

{cue sound of distant cheering, and singing of the corporate anthem}


Current Dispatch times.


All Orders are now being processes in under 5 working day.

Small Orders are even leaving on same-day, or next-day turn around.

{trumpets, fanfares}

LARGE Orders, over £200-ish, do take a little linger.

(quiet remarkable really, two years ago we were shocking, 3 week waits were not uncommon… *blush*)


TAG Vehicles to Return in March


Our Vehicle range will again be up for Pre-Order in March. So if you’ve been looking at what we have, small and beautifully formed as it is, you’ll be able to stock up this Spring.

Look out for more information coming in the next ten days or so.


The Future!


In answer to questions on our Facebook Page, expect a large is blog post in the next few days out lining the release planning for this year, with particular attention to the completion of our Renaissance ranges. We got plenty to fill up your painting table across the next 9 months, if you want to complete existing armies, or start new a new period of interest.

OK, nose back to the grind-stone…

More soon…




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