Mail Order, Crisis 2018 and New Release Round Up

Mail Order, Crisis 2018 and New Release Round Up.

This is the TAG Blog round-up for the middle of October, we probably go back to this fortnightly Updates format, until Next Spring.

We find that Customers like these regular Updates, over busy periods such as, the run up to Christmas, and our New Year plans.

Firstly then, as always, Mail Order.

Mail Order.

As of today, 17th October, we are clear of all Orders, except those who are Collecting at Crisis.

This is amazingly good for us.

Over the last year, we’ve turned around our Mail Order service. Previously we were ‘quiet’ poor, with 3 week waits a norm.

Now, everything leaves in less than a week, and most small Orders, leave on the same day.

Crisis 2018.

Just under 3 weeks to the Event. Thank you to everyone that has Ordered for a discounted Collection. It really does help us to bring the correct stock to the Event. We have a huge range and hate disappointing people at Events.

I know that the Discount Coupon doesn’t really help those of you that want small amounts of minis. The 20% off doesn’t compensate for the ‘postage’ added. So to help out, if you would like to email these small Orders to us directly, please do so on this link. We’ll do our best to help in advance.

If you haven’t yet done so, please Order early, so we can cast and collate your Orders with plenty of time.  🙂

Dutch Long War Release.

Nothing much to add really, we’re a week away from seeing the minis for the first time. Preview day will be Thursday 25th, and full Release is November 3rd.

Pre-Orders, can be taken though this link, thank you to those of you how have already purchased.

Armoured Roosters Release.

Not much progress, moulding done, a great paint job is the next step…

To Kickstart or not to Kickstart? That is the question…

Answers in the Comment Box below please… 😉

Ok, that’s it for now, back soon with more TAG mini goodness, on this Blog in 14 days…


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