Long War Releases Jan 2023

Well, it’s been a long road, but for the TAG Dutch & Imperial Spanish ranges, the end is in sight. After today’s release to general sale of 7 new packs of 28mm miniatures, we have only a couple of dozen minis left, to complete the projects we started on in 2018, The Dutch Revolt, & the 16thC part of 80 year (!!!), Long War.

So, without delay (lol) these are the full SKU details.

Firstly, to lead our Spanish Tercios, we have three mounted minis, which I have called, Maestre de Campo & staff

Secondly, for the Dutch in the period, 1568 – 1578, there are the two new types of cavalry used by States armies.
Carabins, lightly armoured arquebusiers, used in small numbers 1568, and the more prevalent Demi-lancers.

Both types get 6 new trooper minis, and a relevant 3 mini command group.

All these 3 mini packs contain the relevant horses & weapons as shown on the product pages, and retail at £12.95 each.

We’ve also collated these new models into a couple of our popular Unit Builders, like this…

Unit Builders retail at £45.95 for 12 28mm minis including mounts & weapons


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