Long War, near completion…

Greetings TAG fans, a belated welcome into 2023. I hope the year brings you more good stuff, than bad stuff.

2023 will be the year the TAG completes our range of Long War miniatures. 28mm models sculpted by Nick Collier, that represent the Spanish & Dutch belligerents in the sprawling conflict which lasted 80 years across two centuries.

Our Imperial Spanish range is almost complete, lacking only a single packet of Gendarmes (noble cavalry) at the top end, a couple of packs of gunners/labourers, at the bottom, now that we have this, Maestre de Campo & staff, to give general command to the great Tercios.

We’ve mounted these models on our 16thC heavy horses, which are the same size as the 16thC horses with pistols used by our other Habsburg cavalry, but without the pistols… because… the standard-bearer here is wearing a massive riding cape, ideal for the terrible weather in the Low Countries, but less good at fitting around cast in place pistols. All three models are shown as having stout boots for riding.

Next up, Dutch Demi-lancers, the bulk of the States cavalry from the mid 1570s to the reforms of Maurice in the 1590s. Half armoured horsemen with lighter lances that had been the practice 50 years earlier.

We’ve given these models cassocks, with open sleeves, over armour, stout boots and visored helmets without ornamentation (no feathers) for mean looking units. These are the pistol variant horses mentioned above

Command group shown below, will probably be used for our Cuirassiers too. Standard-bearer, officer and trumpeter in crazy “cat-in-the-hat” style top hat.

These are the Carabins, used in tiny numbers by the lowlanders, from the start of the Revolt in 1568 until the start of the 12 years truce in 1609.

Light horsemen with arquebus. Once again, I’ve pictured these on our heavy horses with pistols, but this is a mistake. They’ll be supplied with light horses, like our French Argoulet… but… as always, if you’d like any alternate horses to the ones shown on the product pages, please just ask, and of course we’ll do our best to get you the mix of models you require. Service Announcement over, now…

finally, to a fun fact… a couple of the models in this release, are design to show men wearing their cassocks “collywesson”, that is, sideways, with the sleeves laced front & back, and the body of the garment open over the arms. Collyweston is a small village in rural Leicestershire, which, in the early modern period, mined slate for roofing. Of course, the best slates went to far-away Leicester for quality roofs… and… the people of Collyweston kept the less good for themselves. Soon the village had a reputation… not for the best exported slate in the region, but for their terrible roofs, becoming a synonym for “wonky” in Tudor England.

Right-o these are on sale now. On this link…

Which leave us with only a few minis to make to finish the Dutch range, a General (probably Maurice himself), the reformed Cuirassiers, and some artillery crew/labourers/civilians… 18 models maximum. 2023 will see this completed.


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