Late June Mail Order Update, and Bovington reminder

Late June Mail Order Update

Greeting Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the regular MO update, this time for late June 2018.

As we stand we’ve are running roughly a week behind, on most Orders.

About five, of our twenty-odd, ‘Processing’ Orders are about 10 day late.

We apologise for the slight delay, we’ll be ‘right-on’ Mail Order on Monday morning, clearing what we have in-hand by the end by the end of next week.

Bovington reminder

Don’t forget TAG on a fun weekend out at Bovington Tank Museum on the 14th/15th July.

Organise your Pre-Order using the Code on this link;


The Cart unfortunately chargesĀ  Postage on small orders, we can’t work around this with the Online shop, but if you do pay a few pounds extra, we can refund, in cash (!!!), on collection.

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