Landsknechts Released

It is with huge personal pleasure that this afternoon I can tell the wargaming world, that TAG have added 8 new packs of Landsknechts miniature to our online shopping cart.

These Landsknechts are for the very beginnings of this famous troop types history, a period which stretches from the middle of the 1480’s until approximately 1520. Thoughout this period they served almost exclusively in the service of Emperor Maximilian I, but after his death in 1518 they also start to find service in the armies of the Papacy, France, Florence and others.

The full details of the these 32 new miniatures are as follows;

Also, for those that like a little extra value, at the expense of a little choice, we’ve added two new Unit Builders of these troop types, and these are their details and links…

Unit Builders are £29.95 for 24 x 28mm miniatures and normal packs are £6.50 for 4 minis of the type shown.

All these fabulous new minis were sculpted by the very excellent Mr Nick Collier.


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