Landsknechts in pluderhosen

Added to the Workbench this week, and into the mould and cast for the sculptor to start work on, are these Landsknechts in Pluderhosen, which have reached the doll stage of thier  production.

These miniatures are the first of our range that will be useful for the wars of Dutch Rebellion, where they formed the bulk of the infantry used by the Dutch, as well as being employed in large numbers by the Spanish, in the early stage of the war.

Landsknechts of this period were differently dressed to those of the earlier Italian Wars period, with huge Pluderhosen (harem trousers), giving them an almost eastern appearance. We’ll make  30 or 40 models of these classic mercenaries, enough for four deep pike formation with our usual ‘bristly hedgehog’ of pike angle choices, and arquebusiers, in three or four poses, to provide shot cover.

Please also notice that these minis with have katzbalger swords which were a development of the 1520’s, and had become something of a badge of honour among Landsknechts, with virtually every man pictured as having one by this late period (1560’s – 80’s).

We will make this sword available as part of our Renaissance Weapons & Equipment section as soon as possible, for those that like to convert other models.

It is our intention to get these dolls made up into full miniatures very swiftly, hopefully before Christmas.

More dolls for the Dutch and Spanish forces in the next few weeks, so keep it tuned to this channel for more information.


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