Landsknechts in Pluderhosen Released

Landsknechts in Pluderhosen

It is with great delight, that today I can announce the Release of our late Landsknechts in Plunderhosen.

36  brand new 28mm, white metal miniatures.

In this period (1550 – 1580) the Landsknechts were the Universal Soldier, serving as mercenaries in the armies of Imperial Spain, & France at the end of the Great Italian War. For both sides, Catholic and Huguenot, in the French Wars or Religion, and again, for both sides in the early part of Dutch/Spanish Long War.

In addition to this they would also form the bulk of the Hapsburg Imperial armies, that were the engaged with the Ottoman Empire, throughout this period.

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Each pack contains 4 different, 28mm sized, white-metal miniatures.

Sculpted by Nick Collier

Unit Builders

Infantry Unit Builders contain 24, 28mm sized, white-metal miniatures


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